Cosmoenergetics is a method based on the use of space energy. Performing the energetic correction not the energy of extrasense is used, but powerful space energy streams which have their features, which are required for treatment of different disorders, restoration of organs and structures, solution of problems. Man is very complex bioenergetics structure, which is influenced as the universe by the same laws of nature. In the process of the restoration of the human bio field structure the complex harmonic coordination of human subtle body and all organ systems is performed.
Cosmoenergetics – is coordination of all subtle human fields with rhythms of universe pulsation. The organ systems (immune, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory) are effectitively corrugated using different channels of cosmoenergetic frequencies. In such way the conditions are created for positive changes of organ functions, which influence the regeneration and healing.
Cosmoenergetics is a subtle, powerful tool of energetic work. Cosmoenergy influences man complexly: it cleans from concentrated, accumulated negative, aggression, anger and fear, and give impulse for new comprehension and spiritual development. The transformation of unhealthy energy cells and tissues radiating sick frequencies occurs and later as a result healing, regeneration and restoration of organism.
Human health depends upon the state of bio field – the whole of energetic bodies surrounding person. Due to cosmoenergy the bio field is corrugated, disorders are removed, it is strengthened and charged with healthy frequencies of energy Health and bio field are directly associated and after removing disorders in the bio field causes of disease, fear, failure are eliminated. Filling the bio field with healthy energy of required frequency activates the organ functions, improves excretions of excreta from organism, regeneration processes are stimulated. Human health improves, energetic exchange occurs with environment. Restoring channels of energetic flow, link is gradually created with previously unreachable flow channels of higher spiritual level – human spiritual evolution follows.
So, if you are weak, tired, exhausted, fall often ill with different disease, tortured by fear, feel aggression with surrounding people, if you are ill, undergo a treatment, and healing process is long, complicated, difficult, – come and we will try to resolve your problems.
 Parapsychologist Eglė
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During human maturity chakra (energetic centre) vibrations of everyone stabilize, and become dynamic energetic source and distribution station. It receives and some “print” determining psychological functions. However painful life experience often stimulates us to behave wrongly: to block feelings suppressing natural energetic flow. And what happens then? When energy access is very low, chakra development is affected. It is enough for human to block his/her any experience and automatically chakra is blocked, its turning becomes discontinuous, uneven, accumulates unused energy  – lesions of bio field appear.
Every chakra is determined in body of feelings and emotions and it has equivalent in specific, psychological functions. Images created in our minds are automatically projected through respective chakra, and so they attract images from common energetic field of Earth, which have similar frequencies of vibrations and are supplied energetically. So, own and strange images  – behaviour patterns – are backgrounds of psychological personal individualization.
For example, human can be involved and usually leaded by deep persuasion, that the will of God and other people is necessarily opposite to His (individuality) will. People become to him as obstacle to implementation of his purposes and plans. In this case, outlook is expressed such as “I must reach my purposes at any price. Gambling in competition is my life”. Personal behaviour is authoritarian, seeking to slave others will. Believing that “ only aggressive individuals can survive”. The cause of all this is incorrect turning of chakra and varied speed of turning (sometimes almost stopped – this caused physical state of organs and systems).
Psychic energy is one of energetically correction methods. It is calm, subtle, powerful tool associated with equivalent of psychological functions of chakra. Psychic energy is method to remove deep inside existent programs, which carry failures, tortures, pains and others. Psychic energy is transmission of psychic energy to patient in purpose to strengthen him and stimulate confidence in his self-reliance and open unused fields of abilities.
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LOVE and JOY… Joy is very intensive and powerful, but without any object and exaltation. It is not a sensation, but state. Love is not opposite state for hate and you do not need to strengthen and hold it. Love just exists. Love flames as eternal fire, it does not depend on any person, and we meet or not meet. It flames for everyone, who is seen, met or touched…. It has no other choice… And it is light and unhurtable, it is withdrawer from tragedies and sufferings, calm… and wide, and…infinite as ocean. Is it meditation or only dreams?

Everyone creates stable behaviour doctrine besides his/her beautiful perception…but out higher “I” is free from everything. It does not need anything to be expressed, it just uses our exalted music, or religion trance, or mantras, to break our hard shell of world-view and ideas for appearing to us. It gives us the LOVE, JOY, Fullness, because itself is love, joy and fullness. It illuminates our ideas, and feelings and even doctrines.
If you want to experience your internal “I” appearance in all its crystal purity, but not to catch it in one of your traps, we have to create the same purity in ourselves. We have to free our strict prejudices, stereotypes, behaviour programs and even more. So let’s begin and continue this with Meditation and autotraining.
Meditation is powerful and subtle method to create and strengthen the channel of relationships and communication with internal “I”. Meditation is way for release and harmony. Meditation is one of methods to reach the aim.
Help of meditation corrects the innermost programs. Person does not observe the action of these programs, but they disturb, they start in important situations. Meditation is excellent methods to low the stress, eliminate negative prejudices and so on.
 Meditation is excellent chance to feel the states of love, joy, astral light and ecstasy.
Meditation séance are performed for patients:
  • Meditation séances for stress relieve;
  • Meditation séances for restoration of harmony and balance;
  • Meditation séances for stimulation of positive spiritual changes;
  • Meditation-energetic séances for strengthening organism.
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  • Energetic health restoration and correction séances (Bio field cleaning and reparation, elimination of energetic block, removing of disease  and  pain information, energization   with energy of respective frequency)
  • Future prediction and divination by Taro cards (tendencies of relationships development, future perspectives of work, occupation, learning, analysis of important questions for person, future tendencies, predicted results and possibilities)
  • Business consultations  (perspectives and tendencies of business foundation and development, possibilities for investments and development, perspectives of particular business solutions, tendencies of financial state, choosing the right time for implementation of business solutions)
  • Meditation séances, individual meditation practices (stress decreasing séances, séance of relaxation, person release, internal harmony seek and balance stabilization, séances of nerve system corrective strengthening and autosuggestion and desired changes strengthening program)
  • Detection of geopathogenic zones and harmful radiation places (Detection of geopathogenic zones at home and work places, investigation and consultation of accommodation for energetic characteristics and background, investigation of energetic structure and residual environmental effect).

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“Is it every turning of way always so difficult?
                                                                                Such way till the end.
                                                                               Will my journey last all the day?
                                                                               From morning till night, my friend.
                                                                                                        (K.Rozetti, “ To mountain” 1-4 rows)
It is a similar description of life for those people who turned their way of life for reaching the hills. We find spiritual growing way in every direction of exoteric sciences despite the differences among them. The main existing rule is full control of vibration energy of personal inferior nature by superior spiritual flows. And this way or growing- development process goes through personal evolution and this influences rising difficulties and sufferings.   
The cause of suffers usually lies in our permanent search for something stable in changing environment. And not only in search, but also in our actions, because we behave like we have found something stable in the world. However, we know perfectly, that the world is in process of permanent changing. So sometimes it is enough only to think or catch and hold to something we regard as stable, still and steady. And when it starts to change, the suffer is provoked and influenced.
Growing process includes the permanent scattering process. Inferior human seeks to liberate from cocoon pressing him. That’s why we are lead by intellectual-spiritual suffer but not by physical one.
 These are the turnings of spiritual way. So me, like you, step by step try to go forward. Maybe we go together, and after the shorter or longer distance we will have a rest for making stronger desire and seek toward aim of dreams.
If it is important to you, these are my main steps:
  • University bachelor diploma and master degree
  • Reiki master of international class in Oriental medicine
  • The first category in folk medicine
  • Qualification of extrasense in practical modern parapsychology
  • Bachelor degree and bioenergetics’ qualification in Parapsychology Academy
  • Practical meditation autotraining
  • Grand Master of Cosmic energy (Cosmoenergetics of the second generation)
  • Pakal Votan resonance vibratory tuning specialist of energy structures (chakras and rezonators)
And it is the beginning of way!…
                                                          Parapsychologist Eglė